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Training Pastors in Asia

posted Aug 30, 2010, 1:12 PM by Jeff White

            Later this month Logan Carnell and I will be traveling (God willing) to both Paki$t@n and Indi@ to assist in training hungry pastors in the Word of God.  For believers in both countries life is a perpetual trial.  Muslims in Paki$t@n and Hindus in Indi@actively persecute believers.  Church leaders and their families are in constant danger from attacks in the form of beatings, damage/destruction of personal property, prison and even death.  Last month, two young Christian men in Paki$t@n were arrested and tried for blasphemy against Islam.  Finding no evidence to convict, they were released only to be gunned down in the street outside the courthouse by masked Muslim extremists.  These two men were a part of the group of churches we would be working with in that area. 

            Poverty also is rampant.  Indi@n pastors, as a part of a cast society, live hand to mouth in extreme conditions without hope of improving their situation.  In Paki$t@n, recent heavy monsoon rains have caused the worst flooding in decades along the Indus River (which runs the length of Paki$t@n feeding the agricultural plains adjacent to its banks).  The loss of crops, contamination of drinking water and displacement of millions from their homes will be long endured. 

            What we will bring, and for which these pastors are pleading, is training in the Bible.  From the Bible they read of the hope that can be found in Christ and the eternal reward promised to the faithful.  These pastors feel the weight of rightly interpreting divine truth and teaching its precepts to those entrusted to their care.  In turn, each of the families in their churches derive hope from the Word to live each day knowing that God is their refuge and that this world is only a shadow of the glories to be experienced in the next. 

            In Paki$t@n, we will be teaching through the book of Romans during the day in addition to teaching from 2 Corinthians and other passages in the evenings.  In Indi@, our contact has requested that we teach Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation.  He sat in on a few sessions that we taught in Papua New Guinea and felt that these vital tools would build further confidence in his pastors’ ability to teach and train their people..

            Please PRAY for these brave believers.  Please PRAY that these countries will issue visas granting our entrance.  Please PRAY for us that we will honor Christ in our conduct and message as we proclaim the hope giving truth of God’s Word.  Please PRAY for our safety.

            All those connected with That None Shall Perish have the distinct honor of sharing in the encouragement of the saints in these situations that will result in prayers of thanksgiving.  The fruit of our labor will only be fully known when we see one another, face to face, in glory.