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PNG 2007

Synopsis of Papua New Guinea 2007 coming soon.
Traveling to the village of Numba.
River crossing on the trek to Numba.
Logan teaching at the ESE Bible College in Numba, Paupa New Guinea.
It is hot and humit, yet the classes are full and students are eager.
Pastors study as they prepare for graduation.
Days of instruction pass.  This years graduates are confident with the knowledge of Christ that they are prepared with. 
Providing some first aid to a Numba village child.
Creating a work project for the village men, giving them a job so they can earn some money between classes.
Meal time.
The 2007 graduating class of ESE Bible College in Numba village.
Graduation ceremonies are a major event.
Saying goodbye for the year.  The Holy Spirit has prepared the pastors to return to their villages to further the teaching.  Logan, Desiree, Gene and Nan depart for their journey home.