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India 2007

India is a city that is full of adventure and people.  The basic
goal of the trips to India are to reach the children.  If you reach
them they may be able to reach their families and friends.  Nan
Cunningham began teaching a children's vacation bible school 8
years ago.  It has grown to over 1200 children.  They come and
listen to bible stories, watch skits, and sing, always with a smile
on their face.  This was Desiree's first trip to India and she had
the opportunity to teach the youngest children, along with other
women from around the world.  It was an honor.

Nan teaching the women hungry for His word.
Eager children cover the hard concrete floor with excitement while learning about their salvation and the love of Christ.
The teaching continues and so many attended, desiring to learn more about the scriptures and their Savior, Jesus Christ.