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PNG 2008

Synopsis of Papua New Guinea 2007 coming soon.
Traveling in to the village of Numba and receiving a warm welcome on the trail. 
Fortunately this was a friendly greeting.
 Logan, Jim and Gene continue teaching despite hot and humid conditions.  The student pastors of ESE Bible College are committed to learning God's word.
Every year the classes get bigger.  This is rewarding to the pastors who attend to teach and it is a glorification to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Graduation ceremonies at ESE Bible College continue to be a special event in at the village of Numba.  These graduating pastors head back to their home villages or to other remote locations of Papua New Guinea to further spread the Good News.
The trip to PNG in 2008 was preceeded by much sorrow as in late 2007 the region was hit by a very sevier storm.  Most hill side gardens became muddy landslides.  Many residents of Numba lost their lives as mud slides and flash floods plagued the region during that fierce storm.
That None Shall Perish purchased seed and some other essentials to aid Numba in their rebuilding process.  The picture above depicts a cross in memory of lives lost as this creek became a torrant on that stormy night, where it overflowed its banks and washed away some homes in the trees along side the creek.  That None Shall Perish provided financial aid and the government of Papua New Guinea provided the air transporation of the seed and supplies.
Thanks be to God.