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PNG 2011

PNG Report - 2011

 The TNSP team has returned safely from their month long trip to the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  Six soldiers of the cross were commissioned from Amador County on January 3 to deliver a message of hope and training in the Bible to children, pastors and students in the remote villages of the Managalasi plateau.  The team focused on three areas of ministry:

Children’s Ministry:

Desiree Carnell, Mikel Carnell and Breanna Cazadd headed up the Children’s Ministry team.  Equipped with 2000 coloring books, gospel bracelets, teaching materials and posters they set a goal of reaching 9 villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hiking through the jungle is no easy prospect.  Some villages required travel of up to 7 hours round trip through tropical rain and humid temperatures.  Always accompanied by an entourage of able helpers, the girls would come back exhausted but joyfully recounting the many ways God displayed His glory in the remote areas in which they ministered.  In addition to the children’s programs, the team had several opportunities to minister to the women via Bible studies and shared meals.  The Children’s ministry team was, in many ways, the highlight of this year’s adventure.

Bible Training at Ese Bible Institute:

Logan Carnell and Mark Johnson had the privilege of teaching two simultaneous classes at Ese Bible Institute.  To the graduates, they taught the Gospel of Matthew while the intake students began their second year of study with Bible Doctrine Survey.  Mark and Logan would switch back and forth at natural breaks in the two courses employing a “team teaching” tactic that was mutually beneficial to both students and teachers alike.  In all they taught 75 class sessions totaling in excess of 110 class hours.  On the weekends they traveled to remote villages teaching and encouraging the churches.  This year they traveled to Itokama (7hrs away!), Siribu and Natanga.

Medical Mission:

This year Christian Carter joined the team to provide medical care for the students and villagers in the plateau.  Christian is a P.A. who had served in medical missions to Guatemala and is currently the youth pastor at Grace Fellowship in Jackson.  His goal was to care for the medical needs of students in the school as well as train 2-3 trustworthy men to carry on basic care after his departure.  In the course of three weeks Christian personally saw more than 800 patients!  This was a great blessing to Numba Village and to the school.  In addition to setting up a clinic in Numba, Christian traveled with Logan and Mark to Siribu and Natanga to administer medical care in those villages.

Thank you for your support and prayer.  The power of prayer is never more evident than when we are faced with circumstances that we have little control over.  We do everything we can to prepare - many hours of study and prayer - but the effectiveness of the mission is up to God.  There is always a greater sense of courage and affirmation to do that which God has called you when you know that there are prayer warriors who do not grow weary in making supplication on your behalf.